SpaceAPI logo

2018-07-23 / Sebastian Morr / CC BY-SA 4.0 / art, logo

The SpaceAPI provides information about hackerspaces, like addresses, contact information, or door opening status. One team member maintaining this project approached me and asked if I could design a logo for them. Well, sure! :)

Regular version

This is the normal version, which can be used in website headers, on stickers, and other merchandise:

SpaceAPI logo

There’s also a SVG of this, which can be scaled up for large print sizes, as well as a clean, plain SVG, which does not include the fancy texture, suitable for 3D printing, milling, plotting, and so on.

Avatar version

This is a reduced version, which looks pretty in a square and a circle, and can be used as all kinds of avatars.

SpaceAPI avatar

This also has a SVG version as well as a plain SVG version.


And finally, there’s a multi-resolution favicon.


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